Counting Birds

Tate Publishing • 2009 My second book for Tate Publishing, Counting Birds follows the arc of a day as it counts up from one to twenty in gentle rhyming verse: from the cockerel’s waking cry to the flock of rooks tumbling home to roost for the night. view project info The original illustrations for the […]

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The High Street

Tate Publishing • 2011 The High Street is a book that celebrate my love of independent shops and the joy of small details. view project info A little girl called Sally travels down the titular High Street with a very eclectic shopping list. As she visits each shop the reader can open up the throw-out

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Advent Calendar

Advent Calendar

Art Angels Publishing Commissioned by Art Angels Publishing these three-dimensional advent calendars help count down the days to Christmas. view project info These were such fun projects to work on, combining my love of illustration and paper-engineering with the excitement of the festive season. The advent tree comes complete with twenty-four paper decorations. As advent

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Treasure Hunt

Tate Publishing • 2017 Treasure Hunt is an interactive scrap book where the reader has to find small everyday objects to stick in the book and complete the page. view project info Ever since I was a child I have loved collecting tiny treasures: buttons, stamps, leaves, feathers… beautiful little things that it is easy to

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Board Book Series

Tate Publishing • 2018 One of the biggest challenges I’ve found as an illustrator has been balancing parenthood with work. When Tate invited to create a series of ‘first concepts’ board books, it felt like a great opportunity to merge these two worlds. view project info The series consisted of four books: My Day exploring

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Book of Swims

A Sea Swimming Diary Self-published • 2020 The Book of Swims is an illustrated diary that tells the story of days spent sea-swimming at a tiny beach in north Edinburgh. A visual and written record of the changing faces of the beach and the experience of cold-water swimming. view project info My sea-swimming began in

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Mouse’s Wood

Lift-the-flap children’s book Thames & Hudson • 2022 Mouse’s Wood is my love letter to woods and nature.  The book follows Mouse on a woodland walk through the changing seasons. view project info Mouse’s Wood opens amid January’s snows and as we turn the pages we see the months unfold and follow Mouse’s seasonal activities:

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Sketchbook work

Personal project Time spent working in a sketchbook has always formed an important part of my creative practice, but in 2019 my relationship with my sketchbook underwent a profound change. view project info 2019 began with me attempting to navigate myself through the trauma of a sudden bereavement.  In the midst of the disorientating experience

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