Mouse’s Wood

Lift-the-flap children’s book

Thames & Hudson • 2022

Mouse’s Wood is my love letter to woods and nature.  The book follows Mouse on a woodland walk through the changing seasons.

Mouse’s Wood opens amid January’s snows and as we turn the pages we see the months unfold and follow Mouse’s seasonal activities: picnicking in May, collecting berries in September, and huddling around a camp fire in November.

Along the way Mouse visits his woodland friends and the reader can open the flaps and peep inside their homes – from otter’s riverside cabin to squirrel’s tree house.

At the end of the book a double page spread provides a guide of what to spot when you are out and about in the woodland.

Before creating this book I spent over a year drawing outside observing nature. This intense period of sketching began in 2019 when I was wrestling with the trauma of a sudden bereavement.

Eventually the healing process of drawing nature helped me rediscover my creativity, and create this book.

I’m delighted that something so positive has emerged from such a difficult time.

Mouse’s Wood is available from many stockists including Hive and Amazon.