Board Book Series

Tate Publishing • 2018

One of the biggest challenges I’ve found as an illustrator has been balancing parenthood with work. When Tate invited to create a series of ‘first concepts’ board books, it felt like a great opportunity to merge these two worlds.

The series consisted of four books: My Day exploring actions; Me and You exploring opposites; I Am  exploring feelings; and All of Us exploring family.

The series allowed me to illustrate these simple ideas with scenes from family life. They reflect the gentle routines and rhythms that make up parenthood, where the often mundane days are punctuated with small dramas like losing a favourite toy, or the wild joy of kicking up autumn leaves.

I created the artwork using paper-collages which I worked into with pencil and rubber stamps.

The books are available from a variety of stockists including Tate Shops and Amazon.